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43. Göran Lindö , CEO, EcoOnline – How to leverage a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) strategy to fuel growth!

In this episode, we speak with Göran Lindö, CEO of EcoOnline, the fast-growing Workplace Safety Platform out of Norway on their M&A Strategy!

Göran shares with us how they’ve been fueling their expansion with both organic growth and via acquisitions – a key strategy to their rapid success! They’ve purchased 11 businesses to date and more are to come!

– How do you develop a good M&A Strategy?
– What does it take to be successful with your M&A Strategy?
– What are the requirements for the organization to make the merger work well?
-It is one to identify attractive companies to buy, but how do you become an attractive acquirer?  

These are some of the questions that we address in this episode, and for anyone considering growing by M&A, this is a must-listen-to episode!

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