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46. Lars Grønnegaard, CEO & Co-Founder, Dreamdata – Social selling from the CEOs perspective!

In this episode, we speak with Lars Grønnegaard, CEO & Co-Founder, Dreamdata, the fast-growing revenue attribution platform that helps B2B SaaS companies build, repeat and scale success!

We talk with Lars about their decision to go all in on social selling and the huge success they’ve seen from this strategic initiative! We discuss the following main themes:

-How do you implement a corporate social selling strategy that includes all employees 
-What framework do you need to continuously enable this initiative
-What are the main pitfalls and risks with this strategy
-How do you actually measure the ROI of the social selling initiative

It is fascinating to hear Lars’ story of how a team from Denmark continuously makes a huge splash internationally on social media and reaps the benefits of it. Tune in if you want to be inspired by one of the best in class when it comes to building awareness for their brand on social! 

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