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47. Nick Peters, VP Operations, Ardoq – The power of the Meaningful work umbrella in SaaS!

In this episode, we speak with Nick Peters, VP Operations, Ardoq, the leading global data-driven tool for Enterprise Architecture and a key tool for digital transformation journeys, based out of Norway.

We talk with Nick about meaningful work, and why the concept is key to driving progress in a fast-growing organization! Nick walks us through topics such as:

– What is the meaningful work umbrella?
– Why is it important to understand what meaning full work is to people?
– How is this related to culture and values?
– How does it evolve as a company scales?
– Who should own the meaningful work concept in an organization?

It is interesting to hear Nick’s vision of how you drive progress in an organization by focusing on personal fulfillment, something that has been of great advantage to Ardoq in their growth journey! Tune in if you want to learn more about the meaningful work umbrella and what it can do for your organization!

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