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54. Heta Ruikka, VP Product Management, Sievo – How do you take over product leadership from the founders?

In this episode we speak with, Heta Ruikka, VP of Product Management, Sievo, the procurement analytics solution based out of Finland for data-driven enterprises!

We talk with Heta about how to make the transition from a founder-owned product strategy to a product strategy that is owned by the VP of Product: 

– When is the right time to make this transition?
– What are the biggest signs for this?
– What does it take to make a transition from a Founder-led product to a process-driven product approach?
– What are some of the key challenges to be aware of and to overcome in this transition?
– How do you ensure to keep the founders involved and engaged as contributors, and not as main decision makers?

These are some of the questions that Heta addresses, and if you are a VP of Product or CPO that will take over the product strategy from a founding team soon, then you’ve got to tune in to learn all how to navigate such a transition!

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