SaaS Nordic Clubhouse Breakfast #6 – How do you make an SDR team successful?


Tove Verngren, Sales Development Director EMEA at inRiver (SE)
Dailius Sales Tips Wilson, VP Growth GetAccept (SE)
Elin Hammenfors, Global Sales Enablement Manager Quinyx (SE)
Oliver Lopez, Founder & CEO Structsales (SE)
Runa Tidemand Wedervang, Director Sales Develoment Telavox (SE)
Patric Lindström, Head of International Sales Videoly (FI)

Here are some of the interesting points and thoughts that were raised during the conversation:

  • Understand and define your optimal motion – when does your sales motion begin – this will help you define where the SDR team shall interact with the customer for optimal results. It usually starts much earlier than you think.
  • Build your SDR team with the right level of experience to support your customer’s buying journey – there is no one size fits all as it depends on your product, price point, the complexity of buying motion among other things.
  • Common traits of good SDRs are Persistency, Curiosity, Great listeners, Structured and the Ability to deal with adversity
  • Make sure to understand your Leading (amount of calls, booked meetings) vs Lagging metrics (the actual revenue contribution from the SDR team) as it has an impact on how you need to organize your teams and motions