SaaS Nordic Clubhouse Breakfast #7 – The Art of Product Marketing in SaaS


Jessie VanderVeen, CMO Controlant (IS)
Oliver Brunchmann Director of Product Marketing at Planday (DK)
Lisa Quinn, Director Global Product Marketing inRiver (SE)
Henrik Béen, Product Marketing Consultant Dexplora (SE)
Vanessa Meyer, VP of Marketing at Telavox (SE)
Dave Schneider, Marketing Director at Forecast (DK)

Key takeaways from today:

  • One of product marketing’s main roles is to synthesize information from market research, voice of customer data, and micro/macro trends. To analyze it, make it available to the whole organization, and to build a coherent, differentiating story around it.
  • Product marketing should be that much-needed bridge between product, marketing, and sales – making sure everyone is aligned, communicating the same values, and pulling in the same direction.
  • Don’t wait too long to bring a product marketer on board. For product-led companies, it’s even more crucial to have this competence in-house at an early stage.
  • An essential role for product marketing is continuous internal education and coordination around the go-to-market strategy and messaging.
  • In some companies, product marketing lives within marketing; in others, it’s part of the product team. What works best depends on your company structure.
  • Set clear, revenue-based KPIs and goals for product marketing. Ideally, let those goals be shared with product, marketing, and sales to avoid misalignment. • Product marketing should represent the commercial perspective on the product roadmap and help make sure strategic interests prevail over curveballs from the loudest-yelling customers.